Mr Stephanie LAUDE

Our company was founded in 1850 by Mr Stephanie LAUDE.

From the very beginning, our grandfather pushed our company forward by encouraging daring and creativity in all forms..
He had already figured out that we are the craftsmen of excellence.

These craftspeople in the manufacturing sector who do us proud!
By inventing new products and new fabrication process for the laces…

With his children and grandchildren, he developed the company by sales in Europe. It was the beginning of a long story…




Nevertheless, it’s our grandfather, Mr Andre LAUDE (he gave his name to the company) and our fathers Gilbert and Jean Marie developed sales in far East, USA…

Having taken over from their fathers, Jean Pascal and Xavier LAUDE, the sixth generation, have overseen the family company for more 20 years.

We continue to expand our sales abroad, we are still working with the biggest
fashion houses in the world : in Europe, in North and South America, in middle east…

So, we continue to carry the torch of the Beauty.
Each woman must be allowed to wear our wonderful laces!!!